MaxiMatic HA-3433A Elite Platinum 550-Watt Stainless Review

Maxi-Matic HA-3433A Elite Platinum 550-Watt Stainless Finish Meat Grinder

This home use meat grinder comes with an aluminum die cast grinder head. Another specialty is that the feed screw shaft has rubber seals which block the liquid back up into the motor drive.

The 550 Watt motor has relatively more power than other home use meat grinders. Another unique feature is the reverse switch which may be used to unclog the stuck meat quickly instead of the older method of disassembling the machine and removing the stuck meat manually, thereby turning the grinder process into a nightmare.

MaxiMatic HA-3433A Elite Platinum 550-Watt Stainless

At the base of the machine are rubber legs which contribute greatly to the stable working of the meat grinder. The 8.2 x 10.2 x 17 inches size of the machine is very handy and snugly fits into the smallest kitchen counter.

The weight of the meat grinder is a very comfortable 11 pounds which can easily be shipped to certain selected cities outside the U.S.

MaxiMatic Meat Grinder Features and Specifications:

The MaxiMatic HA-3433A Elite meat grinders are beautifully designed in such a way that as to grind the meat very thoroughly.

It comes with handy attachments such as 2 cast iron cutting discs one for coarse grinding and the other fine grinding, food pusher, and the Kabbe sausage stuffing tube.

The list of satisfied customers is countless who sing praises of this elite platinum meat grinder for home use. As per one customer, the meat grinder works wonderfully and makes lovely ground meat. The venison sausage which the user made got great reviews from all and sundry.

Another user ecstatically uses this meat grinder for home use to ground chicken, turkey and beef making the best low calorie dishes ever.

The best feature of this grinder is that it is very easy to use for long stretches of time up to 45 minutes continuously, and in this marathon this meat grinder has no peers indeed.

MaxiMatic HA-3433A Elite Platinum 550-Watt Stainless

Moreover another best feature of this meat grinder is that unlike others, it does not clog with meat thereby jamming the meat grinders.

The trick is to cut the half frozen meat pieces into smaller pieces so that long ligaments do not wrap themselves around the rotating ground worm, before proceeding to grind them.

This meat grinder for home use is very easy both to assemble disassemble and operate. The stainless steel grinder is extremely easy to clean which otherwise is nightmare to most of the meat grinder users.

The best trick for cleaning up the grinder is to put a piece of bread inside the grinder which cleans up all the muck and after that the washing, drying and oiling of the grinder is a breeze.

Generally people complain that it’s quite difficult to clean up the Kabbe sausage making tube after use. The tip and the trick is to put a piece of bread inside and take it out of the other end.

A bottle brush is the best way to clean up this attachment as well as the grinder. This is a very good home use meat grinder.

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