Manual Meat Grinders For Home Use

OK. I get it. There are several advantages to a manual meat grinder, maybe a dozen. The first 3 are it’s cheap, it’s inexpensive and it doesn’t cost much.

Those are all good reasons, and if you’re not grinding meat on a regular basis, you can probably save the money for something more suited to your needs.

Manual Meat Grinders

Manual Meat Grinders

And yet, there are other reasons:

1- It won’t break down very easily. And if it does, you might be able to fix it. A manual meat grinder has no electric parts to worry about, and in fact fewer parts altogether to worry about. It is the epitome of reliability.

2- It will work during a power outage. Of course the same cannot be said for your fridge or freezer, so you’d better start grinding fast.

3- It’s light, and you can carry it with you. Theoretically, you could shoot a deer and be eating hamburgers from it before you start the drive back home. Practically, though, you might not get the best grind this way (since the meat should be cold).

4- It’s quiet. There are so many gadgets that make noise in the kitchen, it’s nice to be able to work in peace.

In addition to the above, a manual grinder can often be attached easily to the counter, and it has a kind of nice kitchen retro appeal to it.

Also, since many recommend that you put the meat grinder into a freezer before you use it to grind meat, the compact manual meat grinder makes this much easier.

And did I say it’s cheap?

Not to be too tongue in cheek, but there are modifications that can be made even to a manual meat grinder to automate things a bit.


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