Best Meat Grinder 2018 Reviews Guide

Every kitchen in the world should have a meat grinder. I mean, it should be a necessity in the kitchen.

If you don’t have a meat grinder, then I suggest you stop reading this right now, grab your car keys, jump in the car and get to your nearest store that sells them or get one easily from shopping online – which is recommended.

Best Meat Grinder 2018 Reviews

Or even better, we will provide you comprehensive research on the types of meat grinders right here. And links where you can purchase it online from the comfort of your home. So, it’s definitely your choice what you want to do. I am going to break these different types of meat grinders down.

best meat grinder


You will be more knowledgeable about meat grinders than you will know your spouse or kids birthday details. Ready to learn? The first one I’ll talk about is the commercial meat grinder. When you are selecting the commercial meat grinder, you are most likely in business. There are several types of these grinders, one’s that are very basic, but then very comprehensive such as selecting different speeds, density and variations.

Meaning since you are a business using a commercial meat grinder, maybe you are looking to have one that can do huge quantities at a fast pace, then you are most likely going to want one that can function at the speed and selection of how thin or fine you want the meat grinded up.

There are several cost efficient ways around this as well, especially if you are operating on a tight budget. That’s okay, because I can guarantee that there will be a good grinder for your business.

Commercial meat grinders are essential for your business especially if you are looking to build a strong rapport in your neighborhood for having the best opportunity to have specialized orders. Many customers enjoy being able to have their orders specialized because they may have different needs that will be customized to their dining experience.

So you will want to have the best meat grinder that can cater to the needs of your customer. You also want to be able to offer the best quality once you have the preferred commercial meat grinder. There are going to be many imitations out there claiming they will be the best, but be as expensive as your wife’s last shopping spree!

So when choosing the best commercial meat grinder, I suggest you really doing your due diligence because having the best quality grinder is pertinent to having positive return rates for your customers. Electric meat grinders just have a sweet sound to them. It promises easy sessions and the ability to do multiple things to prepare for your feast that you are excited to have.

With an electric meat grinder, you are opting out of the manual labor. You are giving the nature of science and electrical sockets the pleasure of doing your work. When you utilize a meat grinder that is in fact electric. You are looking that machinery and saying. I have faith that you will do exactly as I ask you to do.

You are giving the power of electricity to have credit for a job well done potentially. Once this meat grinder has delivered the final outcome. You can say, “It was my lovely electric meat grinder.” The stainless steel and intricate design of an electric meat grinder will leave you in a content state of mind knowing that you have minimal germ risk.

As well as the convenience of not standing around for hours as you might have with a manual grinder.

In today’s day and age of the hustle and bustle, you want something that is time effective for the every day suburban career bodied individual. I recommend this highly. A manual grinder is exactly what it is. You have to work that utensil to get the results you desire. You may be there for several more minutes than you anticipated.

You will have to work your arms and fingers while grinding your meat. In fact you may even sweat, possibly swear in frustration if it’s not going exactly how you had anticipated. You might run, or “grind” into some snags but they are easily manageable. Having a manual grinder just ensures that you are in control and that you know exactly how you want this cut, at what angle, etc.

This the main reason why individuals may opt out for this particular style of grinders. This grinder that is in fact manual may not be suitable for everyone. If you run a busy life style or you have several dinner parties that involve grinding your meat, then I would not suggest getting a meat grinder that is manual.

When you are selecting your future meat grinder or replacing/upgrading. There are several factors to consider.

You want to look in your kitchen, you want to look at how much or how often you are utilizing such meat grinders in your every day cooking of meat.

How to chose the best meat grinder

best meat grinder

There are several questions that will help you be able to pick the proper meat grinder. I have broken the questions down as far as residential use and commercial use.

  • Are you using this often?
  • What type of meat are you grinding?
  • Do you need control of how you are grinding your meat?
  • Do you have a busy lifestyle with several dinner parties a week?
  • How much can you realistically afford to spend, be realistic because the more realistic you are, the more rewarding your meat grinder will be to you.
  • Are you using this in high volume?
  • What type of neighborhood are you bringing your commercial meat grinder in?
  • Are you concerned with details or just getting it grinded.

There are several more ideas that surround utilizing the meat grinder. I encourage you to make strong and educated decisions because whether you have a commercial meat grinder, manual or electric meat grinder. That utensil will be in your home/work kitchen, it will either help you or make your life even more complex. You will not know what to do if you select one that far more controls than you necessarily need, You aren’t going to need a complex grinder if you are at home and you just need to grind some meat for a two person dinner.

You will not need a commercial for a residential home because just keep in mind that these are very large and will need a place of it’s own which is why they are perfect for the industrial kitchen. A manual meat grinder is not needed if you have bad arthritis or you have trouble with your hands. I recommend looking at an electrical meat grinder.

Why Buy a Meat Grinder?

A lot of people opt to have their own meat grinder for their kitchens to ensure hygiene and also to customize the type of ground meat they want to have. Because of the number of supermarkets, groceries, markets and specialty shops offering different kinds of ground meat, it is quite impossible to know how the meats are being prepared.

Purchasing a meat grinder for personal use can be as meticulous as choosing a professional meat grinder for business purposes. Meat grinders differ depending on the materials used to make them as well as the manner of use.

Electric meat grinders are very popular now because they are convenient and rather safe to use.

Manual meat grinders are also available, and these are for people who would want to control the speed of grinding and of course the quality of the meat. A meat grinder can be made of durable and heavy duty plastics with stainless steel fittings, while in most cases; a meat grinder can be made of alum or other durable kinds of metal.

One of the things to look for in a meat grinder is if it’s easy enough to clean. Simply because using the tool requires one to use raw meat. To avoid contamination and accumulation of unsafe particles, it is important to select which is easiest to clean. Look for a meat grinder that is easy to take apart and put back together, this means that every nook and cranny can be thoroughly cleaned; dishwasher safe parts can also be an advantage.

Since grinders can be available in electric and manual forms, one important thing to look for is the power of the meat grinder. For bulk grinding, or if large amounts of meat need to be ground, a high powered electric meat grinder is the best choice, but if small amounts of meat would need grinding, then a manual operated meat grinder is probably the most efficient thing to use. Though it is also helpful to know, manual grinders may require muscle power to get the desired results.

Another plus factor in choosing the perfect grinder is its ability to adapt to the user. This means that the meat grinder should be very easy to use and operate.

If the grinder can be operated with ease, it will ensure optimum usage and can also guarantee that the user will not accidentally include a finger or two in the process. Safety is the utmost priority in choosing any gadget that uses fixtures with sharp blades.

Additional fittings which include being able to customize the size and quality of the meat is also something worth considering before purchasing a meat grinder. If the appliance can only grind meat in one size, then it wouldn’t be worth the price. It would better off if the meat came from a butcher shop. Overall, having a meat grinder can be a very valuable tool in the kitchen. Having the right kind will make anyone an expert when it comes to creating mouth watering dishes that require ground meat.

  • Commercial Meat Grinder

Be it a household meat grinder or a commercial meat grinder, it is basically an equipment which is designed to grind meat into uniform size of segments. People are familiar with the term hamburger meat; well it’s the common product of the meat grinder.

The meat grinders are mostly used to grind meat for meat loaves, sausages and similar tempting food items. At times they are also used for nuts and vegetables. The first meat grinder was developed in 19th century by a German inventor named Karl Drais. All the meat grinders have the same operating principle, in which the meat is forced through a metal plate embedded with numerous small holes.

As the meat comes out of the holes they take the form of long thin threads which can be crumbled easily. The grinder generally provides the option of changing the metal plates to get fine or coarse meet as desired. For commercial meat grinder the most renowned and preferred is its electric version. Meat and items prepared from it are hot items on the menu card of café and restaurants.

As a result the main ingredient meat is required in bulk quantity. This requirement led to the invention of commercial meat grinder. They are featured by faster processing speed and are able to process bulk quantity of meat in the shortest duration of time. They save time of the chef and their hands don’t get tired in processing large amounts of meat. They are generally made of polished stainless steel structure which makes the tool durable and strong.

Some of the models also allow the user to mix several ingredients including meat before being forced through the metal plate. But one has to ensure that the all the ingredients are uniformly combined. This solves the purpose of making sausages in wholesale quantities.

Most of the device are in compliance with hygienic and safety standards. The device is clubbed with electric efficient small motor, cutting blade, precision gear drive and a convenient handle. A commercial meat grinder allows the chef to make use of fresh grounded meat instead of stored one. And definitely the fresh one tastes much better.

Grounded meat is very useful but proper precautions must be maintained while operating it. Proper extremities should be maintained because there always a danger of getting caught with bad injuries. However it is equally important to keep the commercial meat grinder clean. Dirty meat grinders are an ideal environment for bacteria which is very unhygienic. Use of bleach, hot water and similar disinfectant liquids are highly recommended to prevent contamination.

In closing, I wish you the very best in your search and I am sure if you need any additional help. We are available for you. Thank you for visiting my site to make your best decision regarding your meat grinder.